Mentorship is at the core of Chain Accelerator, we are partners with the founders to come up with the most disruptive companies.

You will be Working with us AND with the bright startup founders on all topics that will lead you to be successful.

Technology : We help you on prototyping, architecture & POC techniques

Token economy: disrupt the chain value

HR : we have partnerships with schools In France, Vietnam, Romania and Africa and can help you boost your team. A growing job board with acess to freelancers and vetted vendors.

Business development : sales strategy, sales support, introductions to Fortune 500 companies

Fundraising : We help you with your fund raising strategy : angel, pre ICO, ICO, Series A? We’re here to support you and introduce you to our international network of investors. We will be helping you with the business plan, train you to pich.

Marketing : We help you with your marketing plan, social media strategy, user acquisition, content marketing. We apply the best strategies to help you compete with the best start ups in the global market. We can help you create an Initial Bounty Offering.